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Prinsloo Sevens to take off this weekend in Nakuru
Rugby clubs in the country will head to Nakuru this weekend for the first leg of the national circuit, the Prinsloo Sevens. The series will end in Nairobi with the Christie Sevens set for September....
[KBC Tv] 16/07/2018
Arume 4 guikio ngono magikuruhanio na kuhahama arutwo a cukuru,Gilgil
Arume ana nimaikitio ngono ni borithi kuuma ituura ria Kasarani gicigo gia umbunge gia Gilgil magikuirwo kuhahama arutwo ana kuuma cukuru imwe mwena ucio. Arume aya aria atatu ao marutaga wiira...
[Mediamax] 14/07/2018
7 black rhinos die at Tsavo East in unclear circumstances
They were among 14 that were moved from Nairobi and Lake Nakuru national parks.
[Daily Nation] 13/07/2018
Seven black rhinos die after move to a new park in Kenya
They were among 14 that were moved from Nairobi and Lake Nakuru national parks.
[The EastAfrican] 13/07/2018
Makunia 153 ma cukari utari mwagiriru guthukangio Nakuru
Ruhonge rwa ungania wa magoti KRA nirwikorete haceke thutha wa roboti kuhithuka matirumagirira kihumo kia makambuni maria makoretwo makirehe cukari guku bururi-ini. Kamiti ya mbunge ya guthingatithia...
[Mediamax] 12/07/2018
Senators want Nakuru commissioner suspended over Solai dam tragedy
@wangumarci Senators yesterday demanded that the government suspends Nakuru County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha and some National government officials over how they have handled the Solai dam tragedy...
[Mediamax] 11/07/2018
Pyrethrum farmers want PPCK assets audited
Pyrethrum farmers in Nakuru have petitioned the Nakuru County Assembly to audit all assets belonging to Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya (PPCK) over misappropriation claims. Pyrethrum Growers...
[KBC Tv] 11/07/2018
Reprieve for cat meat offender after court reduces sentence
A man, who confessed to slaughtering cats and selling the meat to samosa vendors and hotels within Nakuru town, got a reprieve yesterday after the High Court reduced his three-year sentence to two...
[Mediamax] 10/07/2018
High court reduces Nakuru cat killer sentence to two years
The High court in Nakuru has reduced the three years imprisonment for James Kimani Mukangi- the man who admitted to selling cat meat to samosa vendors to two years. “The court has reviewed your...
[The Star] 10/07/2018
Judge reduces Nakuru cat meat seller's sentence, fine
Nakuru judge rules suspect to serve his one and two-year jail terms concurrently.
[Daily Nation] 10/07/2018
Nakuru students win Young Scientists expo with their online power monitoring system
Secondary school students across Kenya have showcased award-winning projects at the inaugural Young Science and Technology Exhibition that was opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday at KICC....
[Samrack] 07/07/2018
Onjoria kuuria EACC guthuthuria atongoria aria mararehe uteti mutino-ini wa ndemu ya Patel
Onjoria kuuma gicigo kia umbunge kia Rongai na Subukia marenda kamiti ya kuhurana na ngukumio bururi-ini EACC guthuthuria senator wa county iyo Susan Kihika na mumbunge wa Nakuru ya irathiro David...
[Mediamax] 07/07/2018
Top Government Officials Stealing From Solai Dam Victims In Nakuru
#UshenziKE! By a Nakuru journalist friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I attended the Senate’s select committee fact finding mission in Solai there and guess what is coming out chiefs and DC are...
[Kenya Today] 07/07/2018
If you want your kid to join PEMBROKE House school in Gilgil, Here’s the fee structure, Lord Jesus.
Friday, July 6, 2018 - Pembroke House School in Gilgil is not your normal school. Only kids of the filthy rich study there, majority being whites. There’s an intake in September and here’s the fee...
[Daily Post] 06/07/2018
See the menu of Pembroke House School in Gilgil where parents pay Sh 700,000 per term, the kids eat like kings.
Friday, July 6, 2018 - Pembroke House School that is located in Gilgil is among the most expensive schools in Kenya. Parents pay Sh 726,000 per term for the kids who are 3 years and above. A menu of...
[Daily Post] 06/07/2018

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